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Costech offers a variety of online software solutions including e-learning in specific fields such as online driver’s education and industrial safety training, as well as e-learning solutions for any organization with training or reporting needs. Our products are flexible and customizable to each organizations needs.

Products --- Safety Training Systems

Thank you for taking a moment to review or information. We specialize in eLearning systems to assist employers and employees in maintaining an effective Health and Safety training program.  Our eLearning model can be easily adapted to your company specific requirements and provide you with online training accessible from wherever you may require it.  As an added bonus, we will also have an incident management and reporting system to assist in incident reporting and record keeping.

Our pricing model will allow you the opportunity to bring your safety-training and incident management program online today.  All courses are tailored to reflect your requirements, in addition specialized client developed content can be added to complete your client branded training platform.

Safety System Brochure (Click here to open.) Environmental, Safety and Health Training Systems

Costech's online system is a means of expanding your company’s training capabilities, not removing them.  It provides you with a knowledge base that is available 24 hours a day, every day to your employees and customers who require that knowledge to do the jobs safely and with as little interruption as possible.  Our single source system ensures that every employee completes their required programs, and that you have thorough tracking and documentation available online, 24/7.

Incident Management Brochure (Click here to open.) Incident Management Systems

If you operate a business whether large or small, you face an important regulatory requirement to document, track and report every work related injury and illness that affects anyone in your workforce.

Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

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