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Costech offers a variety of online software solutions including e-learning in specific fields such as online driver’s education and industrial safety training, as well as e-learning solutions for any organization with training or reporting needs. Our products are flexible and customizable to each organizations needs.

Products --- Driver Education Systems

Currently, Costech is involved in 6 states (Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and South Carolina) as a state approved online driver education provider.

Driver Education System Brochure (Click here to open.) Teen Driver Education Systems for Schools
(States not approved for stand alone online driver education.)

In recent years, the introduction of self-paced driver education, or online delivery has added an alternative to receiving traditional classroom driver education.  This has been an attractive alternative due to many reasons, but most frequently budget cutbacks.  Additionally, not all states allow online delivery only and require a teacher to be present in the classrom.  Further adding to the budget problems is the national recommendations to increase the time spent in both phases of the program, classroom and in-car instruction.

In order to provide the best solution, Costech has combined the traditional teacher-led classroom program to the standalone online self-paced internet course by creating a new “blended program.”  This solution is teacher-led and provides the teacher with a standardize platform.

We recognize that no two school systems will operate their Driver Education programs the same. That is why Costech’s Blended Driver Education System, is fully customizable. Costech's Blended program system means the program will not only reflect your unique identity and policies, but will meet all state compliance issues needed for your students driver education programs.
Driver Education Affiliate Brochure (Click here to open.) Teen Driver Education Systems
(States approved stand alone online driver education.)
Costech Technologies Inc., has been offering Driver Education Courses that pass stringent state and national guidelines for over 15 years.  With great pride we are currently approved in the states of:
  -  Colorado
  -  Georgia
  -  Pennsylvania
  -  Ohio
  -  Texas

Costech’s Affiliate Program offers you the opportunity to a part of this experience and join our team of educators in keeping our teens safe!

  -  We provide you with our Online Driver Education System.
  -  We link your website to the Online Driver Education Program.
  -  You will than be able to offer students the opportunity to take their
     Driver Education Course Online with you.
 -  Each month you will receive a commission for every student that registers  
     and pays for their Online Driver Education Course through your website.

For more information please contact:   Bill Sturgeon
  (See below for contact information.)
Defensive Driver Education Systems
Costech’s Online Defensive Driving Program allows the flexibility you are looking for.  Costech will help provide you with the necessary instruction and course materials needed for your customers to complete their defensive driving course.

For more information please contact:   Bill Sturgeon
  (See below for contact information.)

For inquiries regarding the services that we offer, please contact:
  Marketing and Sales Rep. --- Bill Sturgeon