Welcome to Costech Technologies!

Costech Technologies specializes in internet-based educational and compliance training software.  With over 17 years of experience in providing very powerful online reporting and administration tools we help our clients to increase their productivity while minimizing any disruption in their workplace. We pride ourselves in working with our customers to customize our products to offer the very best solutions.  Ask for our list of references.

Corporate Safety

Costech Technologies provides unique e-Learning systems that will take your company to the next level by offering a branded client portal tailored to your requirements.

If you operate a business whether large or small, you face an important regulatory requirement to document, track and report every work related injury and illness that affects anyone in your workforce.

Driver Education

Currently, Costech is involved in 5 states as a provider of driver education services in various forms.

Currently, Costech is involved in 2 states as a provider of defensive driving education services in various forms..

Custom Programs

Web Application Programming

Costech can help your business by developing online systems with operational features that fit your unique functional requirements.  Our programming infrastructure enables us to develop highly customizable web applications at a fraction of the cost of other development and consulting firms.  Online applications will be programmed into web driven interfaces and allow your staff to more effectively communicate, both internally and with other business associates globally.