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Costech offers a variety of online software solutions including e-learning in specific fields such as online driver’s education and industrial safety training, as well as e-learning solutions for any organization with training or reporting needs. Our products are flexible and customizable to each organizations needs.

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It has been widely accepted and acknowledged that we live in the “information age”.  Accepting this, leads to the questioning of the sources and means of acquiring this knowledge.  One of the most powerful tools in the creation, dissemination and distribution of this knowledge is the internet.  Costech has positioned itself over the past few years through extensive research and development to be on the leading edge of the information and knowledge technology field.  Costech’s eLearning systems have provided many companies, organizations and schools with the capabilities they require to lead them into the future.

An online system capable of teaching and administrating any curriculum As a computer-assisted-instructional (CAI) promotes interaction in a number of instructional methodologies, flexibility is a major factor. The Costech Online Educational System is a multi-media e-Learning environment that includes graphics, literature and interactivity between administrators, teachers, students and parents.
E-learning in specific fields such as online driver education and industrial safety training Customize the reporting and presentation to fit your target audience.
Virtual School Costech's Virtual School System is an educational system that uses the Internet as its learning environment or classroom.  Unlike standard websites, Costech's virtual school will operate in the same manner as currently used on local or wide area networks.  The advantages to this are the power it gives to the teaching, monitoring and record keeping of students.  Teachers, instructors or administrators will be able to guide students though registration to graduation, in the same manner as if they were physically assisting them.

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