About Us


Costech Technologies, opened its doors, on a bright sunny day in the year 1994. At that time, we were only three people, trying to add our own creative and unique, products to the massive pool of products. We started with a small program, that allowed for the capture of any image, that is on the screen, and save it as a Jpg. This software was called GRABIT. We offered it to the world for free, and over 687,000 copies have been downloaded.

Since that time, we have produced a steady stream of Software to the US Markets, specializing in Educational Materials and Delivery Systems. At this moment we offer our software and delivery system to many states, and teach over 48,000 students every year, how to be safe drivers.

All this done Online so that the individual students' can take the course at their speed and level of comprehension. We are extremely proud of our work and our students' success. It has been our greatest pleasure working with, major School Systems, as well as independent Schools.

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